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Database changes for Fishing and Foraging

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  • Database changes for Fishing and Foraging

    Hey guys,

    We've made a decision to change the way we track foraged and fished items in game. We've decided to track all the multizone foraged and fished items individually by zone. AKA we're going to list all of those items under every zone that you can find them in instead of under the multiple zones listing like we do now.

    For foraging these items include (but are not limited to):
    ancient tarnished coin
    fishing grubs
    glob of slush water
    pod of water
    rabbit meat
    small chunk of velium

    For fishing these items include:
    fresh fish
    rusty dagger
    tattered cloth sandal

    Basically any foraged or fished item that you find in a zone that isn't specifically listed as being able to be foraged or fished about in that zone we'd like to know about. If you're going to post about items not on this list I'd request for you to please do me the favor of checking to make sure that the information isn't in the database already prior to posting. In order to make this database change happen, we need help from the community in verifying where these items can be found and through which skills. So if people could start keeping track of that information and getting it to us to enter into the database it would be very much appreciated.

    Please post, if possible, in the database update submissions forum and start a new thread for each post. This makes it easier for the data entry folks to get it into the database quickly and with less error. Thank you very much for your help in contributing to the EQTC database.
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