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  • PLEASE Read Before Posting!

    This forum is for myself and EQTC staff to ask for information that we don't happen to have handy. Please provide the actual hard data, not just a link to the info, or a flip comment on where the info can be found. You're not saving us much time that way, and if I'm in the middle of hand-checking 10 different huge mob drop lists to make sure all of them are in the sources table, it's beyond a pain to drop everything to go chasing off to find the stats for one quest item -- experience has proven that the moment I do that, 20 other things will crop up to distract me as well, and 2 weeks later, the sources are still not updated, and I'm wandering around going "I know I forgot something. What was I doing?"

    This area will NOT have a lot in it ... and you have each other to thank for that. Community support has been phenomenal, and we've got tons of information thanks to all of you. I'm sure I don't say it enough, but THANK YOU!
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