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Is there an EQTraders chat channel in-game?

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  • Is there an EQTraders chat channel in-game?

    Q: Is there an EQTraders chat channel in-game?

    A: Sort of. To join in:
    /join serverwide.eqtraders:eqtraders
    Please note: The channel has a password, so you must use the password to join.

    to autojoin:
    /autojoin serverwide.eqtraders:eqtraders
    to autojoin more than one channel, with passwords, on other servers:
    /autojoin serverwide.eqtraders,karana.tradeskills,karana.greenbeans:password
    You will not immediately join those channels after using the /autojoin command. Autojoining only happens as you log in, so you'll have to either join them manually or log off and back on in order to join.

    Note that in order to join a channel that belongs to a specific server (one that isn't serverwide) does NOT require you to actually be on that server. Anyone can join any channel based on any server, as long as they know the server name, channel name, and password if any. Heck you could be on the Karana server and make your channel with all your Karana buddies "brell.greenbeans" and still all be able to get into it just fine. Not that there's any good reason to do such a thing, but it can be done.

    To talk in any channel you simply type
    /*channel number* *Your message*
    Drop the asterisks.

    A note from DenMom - The serverwide.eqtraders channel is not monitored or supported in any way by the owners or staff of the EQ Traders website and forum. It is strictly a resource created and used by the tradeskill community as a whole. We are not responsible for the information or the behavior of the individuals you may find there.
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