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  • How to use Avatars

    EQ Traders allows you to add an Avatar to your posts.

    Avatars are the images listed on the left side of the screen next to a person's name and posting information.

    Rules for using Avatars
    • Only one image can be displayed at a time, its width can be no greater than 100 pixels, a height no greater than 100 pixels and a file size no more than 8kB.
    • Images must be in either .GIF or .JPG formats.
    • You must comply with all EQ Traders rules, as posted in the Visitor's Corner, with regards to content of your Avatar.

    How to add an Avatar
    1. Click the link which says Profile at the top of the EQ Trader's page.

    2. Scroll down to the end of the page, looking for the following text:
    Displays a small graphic image below your details in posts.
    3. Use one of the options listed below that which are;
    Upload Avatar from your machine:
    - This allows you to upload the Avatar image to EQTraders from your machine.
    Upload Avatar from a URL:
    - This allows you to upload the Avatar image to EQTraders from an internet site. The image will then also be stored at EQ Traders for use as your Avatar. (No, you can't then link it to use elsewhere.)
    Link to off-site Avatar:
    - This allows you to link to your choosen Avatar image from some other internet server.

    Viola! You have added your Avatar. Avatars auto-magically are appended to your posts.

    You can change your Avatar later by deleting it, and uploading or re-linking to a new one.
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