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Prophecy of Ro: Tradeskill Trophy FAQ

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  • Prophecy of Ro: Tradeskill Trophy FAQ

    Ok, I think this is necessary for the moment, to save all of our sanities. So I'm gonna start this off with as many FAQ as I can remember.

    Please post any others you think of below and I will edit them in as I go along.

    Q. Do I need the PoR expansion to get my new trophy(s) ?

    A. The intention was that YES, you would need the expansion. Prior to teh 03/125 patch people without the expansion were able to get the trophy tasks. THIS IS NOT THE CASE ANY LONGER. People who obtained their trophies before the patch will keep them, but without the PoR expansion you can no longer request the trophy tasks from Baublie Diggs.

    Q. If the above is changed, and I already obtained my Trophy but do not have the PoR expansion, will I get to keep it?

    A. See Ngreth's response:
    Originally posted by Ngreth Thergn
    If you already have a trophy, I have no plans on removing it from you.

    As for the TASK itself. I am not sure what will happen if you have an unfinished task. Since it is a code bug, I can't check a before and after condition like I could if it was a designer bug.

    Q. Can I still finish any quests I got from Baublie Diggs before teh 03/15/2006 patch?

    A. Yes.

    Q. How do I get my new trophy?

    A. Go talk to Baublie Diggs, a halfling lady standing under one of the tents in the West Freeport newbie yard. She will give you tasks to perform to obtain the trophies for the tradeskills you are working on. There are different levels of tasks based on your level of skill in that tradeskill.

    Q. What are the different levels of tasks, and how do they correspond to my tradeskill level?

    A. See this general writeup on the main site. Below is a table for quick reference:

    Trophy Level Required skill level to get taskEvolved Level% mod
    Beginner 50-991 of 71%
    Apprentice 100-1492 of 72%
    Freshman 150-1993 of 74%
    Journeyman 200-2494 of 75%
    Expert 250-2995 of 78%
    Master 3006 of 712%
    Grandmaster trophy evolves to GM-level7 of 715%

    Q. WHOA! What the heck, I'm no beginner! But when I completed my {Apprentice/Freshman/Journeyman/Expert/Master} task I got the Beginner trophy! Who do I complain to?!

    A. DON'T PANIC. You should have also gotten a {Apprentice/Freshman/Journeyman/Expert/Master} certificate. Equip the Level 1 trophy in your Primary or Secondary slot, put the certificate in the appropriate tradeskill container (ex: Oven for Baking) and hit combine. Voila! you now have the correct level of trophy.

    Additionally, depending on how far past the minimum skill required to obtain teh task, your new trophy will be pre-evolved a certain % of exp, to reflect the work you have already done getting to the next stage in your skill.

    Q. What about the old Grandmaster Trophies (with a 5%) modifier?

    A. One of the tasks for the Expert and Master level PoR trophies is to make and later hand in an old-style trophy.

    Q. Wait a minute - I already have an old-style grandmaster trophy! Are you telling me I have to destroy this one (due to LORE tag) and make a new one?!

    A. NO! Just hand the old-style GM trophy to Baublie, and she will give it back to you and mark that task (to make one) done. PLEASE NOTE: You will later have to hand it in to the Judge to complete your tasks and will NOT get it back, therefore be sure to get your permanent bag from Jolum in the bazaar before you hand it in.

    Q. Speaking of bags, it looks like I can get a new permanent bag for every trophy level?

    A. Yes and no. You can get a generic "__________ Artisan Satchel" which can then be turned into Jolum for a "________ Artisan Essence." This Essence is then combined in the appropriate tradeskill container (ex: Toolbox for Tinkering) and becomes a permanent named bag "________ {skill name} Carry-all" (ex: Beginner's Baker Carry-all). All these bags are in one LORE group (per skill) so that if you wish to obtain the next level permanent bag (with a better % of weight reduction) you need to destroy your current bag and go get a new Essence from Jolum. Note: You can have a permanent bag for each skill you have a trophy for, so thats 7 bags for the 7 basic skills, plus bags for Alchemy, Poison-making (Toxicology), Spell Research and Tinkering (if you are of a class or race able to learn these skills.)

    Q. How do I evolve my trophy from 6 to 7?

    A. Combine, combine, combine, of course. Combines with a trivial of 301-400 will allow you to evolve your trophy to level 7.

    Q. How long is it going to take to evolve my Level 6 trophy to Level 7?

    A. That depends on whether the combines you will be using are mostly store-bought as opposed to mostly farmed. As per Ngreth, the average number of combines based on a recipe with a 350 trivial is as follows:
    Originally posted by Ngreth Thergn
    The range is 400 to 1000 350-trivial combines.
    I based it on how difficult it is to get components to make post-300 combines. If there was a vendor bought path, I set it at the 1000. If the drops are a PITA to get (such as Tailoring) I set it at 400.

    Q. OMGWTFBBQ! Some of the Expert and Master Tasks require access to a keyed zone to get some of the components! What's THAT all about?

    A. Yes, certain components such as A Sample of Highland Sludge, Taelosian Mountain Tea Leaves, Shimmering Aligned Ore, etc... are only obtainable in Koad'Taz + zones. Ngreth advised that he had no intention of creating such an obstacle to obtaining the trophies (mistakes happen, so CHILL!) and these requirements should get changed with the 03/14/2006 patch (barring unforseen problems.) There are a few other bugs or recipes that needed tweaking, look for fixes in the same patch.

    Q. But I managed to obtain those components? Am I gonna have to re-do my tasks?

    A. If you already made the required item, HAND IT IN. You will get credit for that part of the task. If you made it and don't hand it in, then yes, the requirement will change and you will have "wasted" that component. If you haven't made anything yet, you have the choice to make the item and hand it in now, or sell the component to try to recoup any plat you might have spent, and wait for the new required item after the 03/14/2006 patch.

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    We do have a brief, generic writeup with some basic info here: PoR Quests.

    Edit: it's no longer brief and generic, but rather now has lots of yummy details!
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