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When will you show prices on recipes?

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  • When will you show prices on recipes?

    I will not.

    I spent two weeks asking the community how they would like to see this feature. When it came to it, only 0.56% of the community even bothered to answer an anonymous poll.

    Adding a pricing feature to the recipes in the game would be a monumental amount of work. With so little interest shown in such a feature (37 people out of 11000 people said they wanted the feature in the way I would be able to implement it, 29 people said they were not interested in it the way I would be able to implement it) I decided to not implement it at all.

    One other reason it is not feasible is that pricing would not reflect reality. There is no implement able way I could have current bazaar prices for foraged and dropped components for all different servers. Therefore my prices would be based on NPC vendor prices for such items, and not reflect the reality of how must people acquire such items.

    So there will not be a pricing feature on EQ traders corner.
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