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  • General Tradeskills FAQ.

    This is a General F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) Document about tradeskills in general.

    For questions about a specific tradeskill, please see the linked FAQ's below;
    General Questions

    Q: What are tradeskills?
    A: Tradeskills are crafts that players can learn in order to create things in EverQuest.

    Q: What tradeskills are available?
    A: There are several tradeskills available to all players, reguardless of race or class. These are;
    • Baking
    • Brewing
    • Fletching
    • Jewelcraft
    • Pottery
    • Blacksmithing (or Smithing)
    • Tailoring

    All players can also learn the skill of Fishing.
    If you are a shaman, you can also learn the skill of Alchemy.
    If you are a rogue, you can learn the skill of Make Poison.
    If you are a gnome you can learn the skill of Tinkering.
    Should you be an intellegence-based spell caster (Enchanter, Magician, Necromancer, or Wizard) you can also learn Research (or Spell Research).

    Q: How do I make (whatever)?
    A: Go to EQ Traders and look it up. The site has extensive recipe lists, and is fully searchable.

    If you can't find what you're looking for, make sure you have the correct name for the item you wish to create and search again. If we don't have it in the database. and it hasn't been posted to the message boards, we don't know how to make it yet. If we don't have it yet, chances are pretty good that either no one has figured it out, or that the item in question isn't player-made.

    Feel free to experiment and post your attempted recipes and the "did not combine" messages, but please check to be sure you're not repeating someone else's work first.

    Q: Where can I find (whatever ingredients)?
    A: Go to Trade Supplies by Zone and look it up. The site has extensive supplies lists.

    Q: What are the skill maximums (or 'caps') for tradeskills?
    A: All tradeskills may be raised to the skill level of 200. You may have one of your tradeskills raised to the skill level of 300 without purchasing New Tanaan Crafting Mastery AAs. There are exceptions for race-specific and class-specific tradeskills.

    After level 51, you may buy the Alternate Advancment ability New Tanaan Crafting Mastery to raise additional tradeskills to the level of 300.

    Alchemy, Poison Making, Tinkering and Spell Research used to be level-capped, but are not anymore, although you cannot start skilling up in Alchemy until level 24, and Tinkering & Spell Research until level 16.
    See the chart below;
    | Trade Skill Name	| Level Capped?	| Max.	| Max Skill w/NTCM AA*| 
     Baking			|	No	|  200	|	300	      |
     Blacksmithing		|	No	|  200	|	300	      |
     Brewing		|	No	|  200	|	300	      |
     Fletching		|	No	|  200	|	300	      |
     Jewelcraft		|	No	|  200	|	300	      |
     Pottery		|	No	|  200	|	300	      |
     Tailoring		|	No	|  200	|	300	      |
    | Class/Race Skill Name	| Level Capped?	| Max.  |  
     Alchemy		|	No	|  300	| 
     Make Poison		|	No	|  300	|
     Research		|	No	|  300	|
     Tinkering		|	No	|  300	|
    | Special Case		| Level Capped?	| Max.  | Max Skill w/NTCM AA |
     Fishing		|	Yes	| 200   | Not Applicable      |
    * One Tradeskill and any Class/Race skill may be raised to it's maximum
    without needing New Tanaan Crafting Mastery.
    Q: What effect do my stats have on my tradeskills?
    A: This question is so important, it has it's own section, Stats & Tradeskills.

    Q: What other skills should I work on for my favorite skill?
    A: Here are a few suggestions:
    • Baking: Pottery up to 90 and smithing to 35 (for pottery utensils using metal bits) or smithing to 130 and pottery to 35 (for smithed utensils using ceramic linings.)
    • Fletching: Smithing up to various levels, for cheaper arrow heads. (Not necc., but possible)
    • Pottery: Smithing up to about 40 (potter utensils require metal bits.)
    • Smithing: Pottery up to about 40 (smithed utensils require ceramic linings.) Tailoring to 40 or so for leather paddings. Brewing up to 142+ for tempers if you want to do cultural smithing.
    • Tailoring: Brewing to 100 (heady kiolas) or 140 if you are doing cultural tailoring (tannins). Smithing to 60 (for studs/boning), 100 if you are doing wood elf cultural tailoring, or 135 or higher for Velious tailoring, so that Velium bonings and Studs are well beyond trivial. Both brewing and smithing should be higher by the time you start Velious items. Pottery to 135 (you are more likely to get an enchanter's help with thickened mana if you can supply the vials.)

    Q: I just bought this recipe book because I heard it will help my skill. Is this true?
    A: No. Having a recipe book, whether it is open or not, makes no difference in your tradeskill attempts.

    Q: When skilling up, should I make items closer to my skill level for faster increases, or just go for broke and make harder stuff?
    A: There is no hard answer on this question one way or another. Choose the route to skill-up based on factors that work best for you.
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