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What do '>' and '<' mean ?

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  • What do '>' and '<' mean ?

    Q What do '>' and '&lt;' mean?

    A Many trivials are listed using Greater Than ( > ) and Less Than ( < ) symbols from basic math. The word trivial is implied in each listing. Note that when these symbols are used, it means that someone at the listed skill attempted the item, and reported in on whether the item was trivial or not. The actual trivial may be 1 point away from that listing, or it may be 100 points away. There will be no way of telling until someone reports in with a more exact trivial.


    Listing >250 Reads as Trivial is greater than 250.
    Listing <81 Reads as Trivial is less than 81.
    Listing <= Reads as Trivial is less than or equal to.
    Listing >94 <=143 Reads as Trivial greater than 94 but less than or equal to 143 (or trivial is between 94 and 143).
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