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Info on the various mana vials (update 12 July '03)

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  • Info on the various mana vials (update 12 July '03)

    Various tradeskill items require "vials of ___ mana" (viscous, clear, purified, distilled, cloudy). Here's a brief rundown of what they are, where they can be found, and what material components are needed:

    The appropriate mana spell must be cast by an enchanter who has the material components in their possession when they cast the spell. At casting, the material components are taken away are and replaced by the appropriate mana vial.

    The enchanter mana spells are sold in two spots: in the brownie village in Lesser Faydark and in High Keep off Krystalle Corsair (main floor, -93, -232, behind a door). While shopping with the brownies requires all sorts of faction/illusion contortions, Krystalle is much more forgiving.

    The mass mana vial spells (zapping 5 at once) are sold in the tunnel in East Commonlands. Mass distill and mass clarify are on Palik Agrolm and mass purify and mass thicken are on Tallik Jaggedfire.

    Poison vials are sold by some poison vendor merchants or can be player-made via pottery. (Uses normal poison vials NOT lined or sealed).

    The finished vials are stackable.

    Vial of Viscous mana
    Spell: Thicken mana (lvl 12)
    Components: poison vial, pearl
    Mana cost: 100
    Gem cost (best price): 4pp 7gp 2sp 5 cp
    Use: Wu's gauntlets, wu's fighting armor

    Vial of Cloudy mana
    Spell: Crystallize mana (lvl 20)
    Components: poison vial, peridot
    Mana cost: 200 mana
    Gem cost (best price): 10pp 5gp
    Use: pottery - green, red and white band

    Vial of Clear mana
    Spell: Clarify mana (lvl 29)
    Components: poison vial, emerald
    Mana cost: 300
    Gem cost (best price): 13pp 6go 5sp
    Uses: Othmir fur armor, imbued pottery idols, combine acrylia temper (for smithed acrylia armor) and pottery - blue and black bands

    Vial of Distilled mana
    Spell: Distill mana (lvl 39)
    Components: poison vial, 2 sapphires
    Mana cost: 400
    Gem cost (best price): 105pp each
    Uses: Holgresh fur armor, fleeting quiver, black acrylia temper (for smithed black acrylia weapons), spiritstones/faithstones, golden idols, and various PoP enchanted ores

    Vial of Purified mana
    Spell: Purify mana (lvl 49)
    Components: poison vial, 4 rubies
    Mana cost: 500 mana
    Gem cost (best price): 131pp 2gp 5sp each
    Uses: Ice burrower silk armor, Velium Hound fur armor and Mastodon fur cloak, Steelsilk armor, Cazic Thule jewelcraft, tradeskill trophies, the crown of deceit quest, and various PoP enchanted ores