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Skill modifying items (Geerlok, etc.)

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  • Skill modifying items (Geerlok, etc.)

    This text was originally written by Mewkus to be an explanation of Geerloks, but has been expanded to include other +tradeskill items.

    Q: What are geerlok tools?
    A: Geerlok tools are items that can be equipped in your primary slot that increase one of your tradeskills by 5%. There is a different tool for each of the general trade skills.

    Q: What does 5 percent mean?
    A: That means your current skill is increased by 5% with regards to success rates. For instance, if your tailoring skill is 60 and you equip a geerlok sewing contraption in your primary slot, any combines you attempt will have the success rate as if your tailoring skill were 63 (60 + 60* 5%). Do not confuse this with increasing your success rate by 5%.

    Note that the use of tradeskill enhancing items does NOT change the trivial information for an item. If you are making something at skill 100, the item trivials at 102, and you are using a geerlok to modify your skill to 105, the skill check will go against the modified 105 skill (meaning the item is trivial), BUT you will not receive a trivial message. This confuses a lot of people who mistakenly ADD 5% to the trivial number when they're reporting it. Trivial listings for this site are reported off your RAW skill, not any modified skill.

    Q: Does the final number get rounded up or down?
    A: Any remaining fraction gets truncated. If your skill is 79, 5% would be 3.95. The .95 gets truncated off and your skill bonus is 3, giving you a modified skill of 82. This modified skill level will show up in the tradeskill UI and in your skills window.

    Q: If my skill is 300, would one of these geerlok tools make my skill 315?
    A: Yes. Skill-modifying items can take your effective skill beyond the 300 cap on actual skill.

    Q: If I get one of these geerlok tools, what do I do with it?
    A: You would need to equip it in your primary slot. It is one handed and you can still keep your secondary slot item equipped. But, you do have to take off what was in your primary slot. It only needs to be equiped while you are doing your combines.

    Q: Will my skills listing show my actual skill or my modified skill (actual skill plus geerloks or other modifying items)?
    A: The skill listing shows your modified skill, including the effects of any skill modifying items you may have equipped.

    Q: Is it better to use a geerlok tool or an Int/Wis buffing item in my primary slot?
    A: This depends on how far from the trivial you are on the combine, and the exact answer depends upon knowing some formulas that we do not have access too at this time. However, it has been stated by the dev's (as of April 3rd 2004) that you have a greater chance of a skill up on a success. If you can increase your successes by a noticeable amount, then you will help with skill ups. Increasing your Prime Stat will not affect this skill up chance on a success. BUT increasing your prime stat will increase your chances of a skill up on a failure. So what it comes down too... is... if the combine you are using for skill ups, is way far away (like tailors might have to use) then you will want the prime stat item, because the slightly higher virtual skill will not make you succeed that much more often and give you the successful combine skill up chance, so you want the increase in the chance of skill up on failed combines that the higher prime stat gives. If you are close to the trivial, then you want to use the geerlok because it will increase your success chance in a more significant manner, giving you the successful combine skill up chance.

    Q: Where can I get one of these geerlok tools?
    A: Geerlok tools are made by tinkerers. They are trivial at 215, so you’d need to have a good tinkering skill to have a reasonable success rate at them. Each combine for the older tools requires a dropped item off a Luclin mob and some parts that are only sold by one of the gnome vendors in Katta Castellum and Shadow Haven. The newer tools (alchemy, spell research, make poison, tinkering), require drops from Gunthak as well as a no-drop component sold only in the lighthouse in Gunthak.

    Q: Where do I find a tinkerer on my server who can make/sell me one?
    A: Check the message boards for your particular server or Gnome Positioning System (GPS) at

    Q: What are the recipes for the geerlok tools?
    A: The recipes are listed under Tinkering: Geerloks.

    Q: If one of my skills is already over 200, will one of these devices allow a second skill to effectively be over 200 also?
    A: Yes. According to Sony these were added to allow characters who had already specialized in one tradeskill to get a higher effective skill level in other tradeskills.

    Q: Will using the skill modifying items reduce my chance for getting skill ups?
    A: Your chances of getting a skill up are not directly affected by your modified skill level. However, as stated above, when you make a successful combine you have a higher chance of getting a skill up than if you have failed the combine. Using a Geerlok will increase your successful combines, therefore indirectly affecting your chance of skill up.

    Q: If I have multiple enhancing items, does their effect stack or does it use the highest percentage one only?
    A: According to the most recent communication with Sony, the effects do NOT stack. Only the highest-bonus item of those you are wearing/wielding will apply. (Confirmed as of April 3rd 2004)

    Q: What other skill enhancing items are there?
    A: There are player-made tradeskill trophies, listed under the main Recipes section for their respective skills.

    Additionally, there are many vendor-sold and mob-dropped +tradeskill items in the game. Known items with a +tradeskill modifier are listed below.

    Q: If I have a Geerlok or other skill enchancing item equipped, making my effective skill higher than an item's trivial, can I still get skill ups?
    A: Yes. Skill enhancers do not change your ability to skill up on items that are still above your raw skill value.

    Q: Do skill modifying items count towards the minimum skill when one is required for a recipe?
    A: Yes. Recipes that require a minimum level of skill do use your modified skill.
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    various +skill items

    • Philosopher's Stone (Formerly dropped in Grieg's End from Alchemist Valrona, no longer drops [but is tradable]) +10% Alchemy
    • Geerlok Alchemy Set +5% to Alchemy
    • Grandmaster's Medicine Bag +5% to alchemy
    • Umbracite Swarm Orb (Drops in Vex Thal and is No Drop) +15% Alchemy

    Fishing: (equip bait/flies in ammo slot for bonus, bait/fly lost when item caught; equip poles in primary slot -- note: ALL fishing poles have a chance of breaking when used)
    • player-made dry flies - 2% to fishing
    • player-made treble flies - 3% to fishing
    • player-made circular flies - 4% to fishing
    • Hintol's Fishbringer Bait (vendor sold) - 2% to fishing
    • Hintol's Fishing Pole (vendor sold): 2% to fishing
    • Collapsible Fishing Pole (tinkered item): +5% fishing
    • Animated Bait (tinkered item): +3% fishing
    • Ancient fishing pole (drops in Sirens Grotto): +3% fishing
    • bookworm : +2% fishing
    • malarian larvae: +3% fishing
    • rock crab: +5% fishing
    • hermit crab: +5% fishing
    • catch-a-lot bait (vendor sold): +2% fishing
    • greywood fishing pole (vendor sold): +2% fishing
    • can of ice worms (vendor sold): +2% fishing
    • blessed fishing rod (player made): +5% fishing
    • Agalthin's fishing pole (drop off mob in Toxx): +2% fishing
    • Uliorn's Fishing Pole (Drops from The Muglwump in The Warrens) - +2% fishing
    • Brell's fishing pole (quest) - +3% fishing

    Make Poison:
    Spell Research
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