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  • Prices for Tradeskill Items

    Oftentimes, folks come in here asking for prices on tradeskill items, and it almost always stirs up a hornet's nest of argument and debate.

    EQ Traders Corner is NOT in the business of setting prices. Prices vary from server to server, based on all sorts of factors. You will have to watch your server's auction/trade zones and/or channels and see what people are buying/selling and what prices they are charging. You should also check your server's Marketplace forum to see if there are ongoing dicussions of prices on your server.

    It is important to realize that no one can tell you what your price "needs to be" or "should be" except you. Seek advice all you want, but the final choice remains yours.

    You may also wish to check the Primal Scream Room, since there is almost ALWAYS a "discussion" of pricing going on in there.

    Since it is the firm policy of EQ Traders Corner not to set prices, any information you gather from these forums should be considered as advice only.
    Last edited by Verdandi; 10-29-2003, 01:39 PM.