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  • common abbreviations

    Below are several of the more common tradeskill-related abbreviations that you'll see here on the EQTC boards:
    • BD - blue diamond
    • BFT - blessed Faydark thunderbolt (
    • BS - black sapphire. (While this is commonly used in a rogue community to mean backstab, MOST of the time around here, you'll find that folks are talking about the gem, not the skill)
    • CE - celestial essence
    • DNC - Does Not Combine. This is commonly used when experimenting with potential new recipes, and indicates that the combination is not a valid one
    • GLM - Grobb liquidised meat
    • GLS - greater lightstone
    • HMP - Halas 10 pound meat pie
    • HQ - high quality
    • IO - iron oxide
    • LQ - low quality
    • MQ - medium quality or multiquest, depending on the context. (Multiquesting involves one player handing in one or more quest items to an NPC, followed by a second player handing in the final component(s) so that the second player may receive the reward. This is commonly used when one or more parts are no-drop, but it is not a procedure that is sanctioned by VI.)
    • MTP - Misty Thicket Picnic. A baked meal with stats that requires many, many sub-combines. It is also used in the "PoTC" quest mentioned below.
    • OS - Old Sebilis (some servers refer to it as "Seb", others as "OS"
    • PoTC - Protection of the Cabbage. This can refer to either the quested level 59 druid spell, or to the more complex Xanthe's earring quest. See the quests section of the main website for further information.
    • QAT - Qeynos Afternoon Tea
    • RNG - Random Number Generator. This is the method by which the game decides failures, successes and skillups. If someone mentions having a bad RNG day, they've likely seen far more failures than they expect to see at their current skill level.