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    Q: How do I get a cool picture or text to show up at the end of my post?

    A: Those pictures or text tag-lines are called "signatures" or a ".sig". The ".sig" name comes from UNIX systems where a file named ".sig" could be automatically appended to your outgoing e-mail or USENET postings. What follows is a crash-course in setting up a signature for use with the EQ Traders message boards.

    Please note that while you can use HTML in your signature, the body section of messages will not display HTML. This is intended. It prevents many nasty security problems. Because of this, I am unable to show you examples for all of these code samples.

    Adding a Signature
    Step 1: Look at your User CP. You can access this by clicking on the button above.
    Step 2: Click the Edit Signature link.
    Step 3:There is an input-box on the right-hand side is where you will put your code for your .sig. This box comes with all the standard text-editing tools.

    Coding a Signature
    Now that you know where to put a signature, you need to know what you can put in it. You do need some rudimentary knowledge of HTML or vB Code to do anything really exotic, but to help you get started, I've written some simple (and some not-so simple) examples and posted the code here.

    Example 1: Some Simply Formatted Text

    ~ Lothay
    If tin whistles are made from tin, what do they make fog horns from?

    <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="-1" color="#0000FF">~ Lothay
    If tin whistles are made from tin, what do they make fog horns from?</font>
    Example 2: An Image Alone
    To use an image in your signature, you will need to upload the image to a server someplace on the internet, and make sure that the file is publicly viewable. The details for that are outside the scope of this quick set of intructions.

    <img src="" width="000" height="000">
    Be sure to replace the width and height information with the correct information for your image, and the URL with the correct URL.

    Example 3: An Image and Text in a Table

    You can use a table to line up images and other components with text. This is a simple example of an image on the left and a set of links and titles on the right. The image on the left is linked to a Magelo profile.

    <table width="500" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" height="150"><tr> 
    <td align="center" valign="top"><a href="">
    <img src="" width="000" height="000"></a> </td>
    <td align="left" valign="top"> <a href="">
    <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="-2">Some EQ Player</font></a>
    <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="-2">Level 43 Ranger
    Gandmaster Fletcher</a><205>
    Guild Tracker
    Guild Member of <a href="">Cool EQ Guild</a>
    Example 4: A Drop-Down List

    You can add a drop-down list, containing different items on different lines. This is useful for compacting your signature, and it looks pretty snazzy.

    <select name=sunlir>
    <option>High Elf Paladin (15) 
    <option>Master Smith(175) 
    <option>Master Cook(101) 
    <option>Apprentice Fletcher 
    <option>Apprentice Brewer 
    <option>Apprentice Tailor 
    <option>Apprentice Drinker 
    Common-Sense Rules for a Signature
    1. Don't over-use your signature file. If the signature is bigger than your post, don't use it!
    2. Keep your signature file small. A file size of not more than 15kb (kilo-bytes) is good.
    3. Keep the signature in good taste, or at least self-moderate. If you would feel uncomfortable explaining your signature to your mother, or a small child, then it doesn't belong in something you will attach to all your posts. Signatures which violate the rules of this community will be removed, and you could loose your right to post here. Your signature must follow the community rules.
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