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Need way to search for recipes that are TLP Only (or otherwise for a specific server)

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  • Need way to search for recipes that are TLP Only (or otherwise for a specific server)

    There are a number of recipes which have a link "RecipeName (TLP Only)." But if you search for TLP Only you get no results, I am guessing that this is because the (TLP Only) is added for clarity on the site. However, I want to be able to search specifically for these recipes to find components that are only used in these TLP only recipes, so that I don't waste precious Depot spots on these items. Conversely, it would make sense to do this so that those who are on the TLP servers can search for the recipes that only they can do.

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    I think for the most part, where this is problematic is in Alchemy. Those recipes already have a page.

    Though there are also some in Jewelcraft - those don't present the same problem because it's just the difference of enchanted metal and non-enchanted metal.

    As for specific server - nothing like that is reported or tracked on the site. Wouldn't be possible to do.

    Any enhancements to the site are beyond my access rights/capabilities and if Ngreth were going to spend any time on enhancements, the first on my list would be a better way for denoting "counts for 350".

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      Thanks for the replies to this and the related post I made in the other forum. I am mostly looking for this to narrow down components which are flagged but have no use on Live servers just so I can keep those out of my TS Depot. I was the one that posted about this on the EQ forums saying that there needs to be a TLP TS flag, so that we can weed know which are vendor fodder now on Live servers. I completely understand your priorities for the site regarding what counts for 350.

      Hopefully, the depots will bring attention to the issue, and the Devs will do something to flag the items to manage this for us in-game at some point.