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Intermittent Issues with the forums

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  • Intermittent Issues with the forums

    I have been experiencing intermittent issues with the forums and haven't been able to google my way to a solution.

    Some of you may be experiencing similar challenges. I received a note through discord that someone wasn't able to reply to a thread recently.

    Basically, when I go to respond to a thread or start a new post, the site may or may not work. It seems totally random.

    I can click the Post Reply or Create New Topic buttons, but the section of the page where I am supposed to type my message doesn't always enable. It will quickly flash "Write Something", but then will just be blank.

    I have tried Chrome, Edge and Firefox - nothing consistent on whether it's going to let me type or not.

    I have tried clearing cache/cookies - nothing consistent on whether it's going to let me type or not.

    I have tried using incognito, doesn't work.

    I can usually find success if I close all browsing windows and try to reply/create new post - if it doesn't work keep closing all windows and trying again and it will usually finally cooperate. If it doesn't I make a note to come back later.

    I reached out to vBulletin, but since I am not the site owner, they won't offer support. Nothing in their public forums seems to talk about this.

    This is the only site I am experiencing problems on (not that I visit lots of them) - no problems on the EQ boards or other social media.

    I don't know if this can be solved or not, just trying to help anyone else who might be struggling with this to keep trying. Especially if you want to report an update. As a last resort, you can PM with updates if that feature works OK. I also watch the tradeskills forum on the Everquest discord channel for update hints....
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