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    EQTraders going offline for an evening made me realize just how important the site is for the EQ community and how much I would miss it if it ever shut down. When it came back up, my wife and I made sure to head over and send in a donation. We then got on social media and in game to stir up others to go do the same.

    However we, and several others, had to jump through hoops to complete the donations. It was not easy, and several gave up as a consequence ! Please fix this to help us help you!

    The problems & feedback you need to hear:
    1. When on the PayPal link, the actual option to pay via Paypal does not load for about 1-2 minutes after the page loaded (!!!)
    2. When it does appear, the icon is broken/missing and link is hard to spot
    3. The Liberapay repeat payments did not work for me - I went through the steps to pay, selected Paypal, it then failed stating that you could not auto-pay via Paypal
    4. The "NiamiDenmother currently receives $0.25 per week" caption up top is really impactful, that's what stirred up the interest. Maybe you could make this prominent on the home page.
    5. A lot of players like me love and appreciate you

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    I'll see if there's something that can be done about the Paypal link, though it may be slowness on their end.

    Liberapy was set up as an option for those who wanted to avoid Paypal or use various non-U.S. currencies. I know the recurring payment has worked for some folks, so I'll have to dig deeper. (The quote about 25 cents per week is Liberapay recounting how much is set up as recurring payments, not any lump-sum through Paypal, since Paypal won't report such things.)

    Thank you so much for your care, concern and donations. We plan on keeping the sites going as long as is humanly possible!