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  • EQ IDs on Complete Lists

    Thank you for the work you do.

    For each tradeskill's Complete List, would you add the EQ Recipe ID (if known) so we can match against the EQ /outputfile? There are so many recipes with the same name, that it can be difficult to compare the Complete List against the recipe outputfile.


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    I work on it from time to time. But to be clear - there isn't a field for this in the database and I can't add a field to the database. I add them to the "notes" under each recipe which is kinda budge - but it's the best that I have the ability to do.

    I suggest using Drewie's site this is really amazing. I stopped trying to build my own excel spreadsheets and just started using this. It's so easy.

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      I appreciate that. I do use Drewie's site, but only the Complete List here shows the list of ingredients for all the recipes. I then dump the Complete List and Drewie's blank of list of recipes into an Excel file to create a "shopping list" and a "hunting list." Oh well.

      Thanks for the quick response