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    Ok, first off, our policies have not changed, you can find them here:

    What has changed slightly is the way we handle them. The basics of it are this: We will attempt to edit individual posts with problems BEFORE we close or delete a thread. What this means is, if your post violates a rule, we will edit your post first. If people continue to violate the rules in a post, we will STILL close it, we will just give it a chance to get back on track before we close the thread. In primal screams forums, we will give a little more leeway, maybe (not necessarily) edit a bit less, and allow more edits to happen, before we close a thread. There will still come a point where we will close a thread even in primal screams, if people cannot control themselves.

    We will sometimes pull a whole thread for review. This does not necessarily mean that the thread is permanently gone; it just means that moderator wanted the opinion of more people before they decided how to handle it.

    Basically these changes are just to allow threads to have more of a chance to continue despite one personís bad actions in a thread. In primal screams we will allow more leeway, but that leeway is not infinite, there are still limits to how bad we will allow a thread to get.

    We will continue to delete immediately any thread that *starts* with an insult, SOE bashing, personal attacks, unapproved ad or spam.

    We may decide to use temporary bans in some cases where we just want the person to take a break and think about why they broke the rule, but did not want to permanently ban the person. This will of course be up to the moderatorsí decision. If you find yourself banned, and do not know why, you can email, and I will be glad to explain it.

    Finally, the moderators are human beings, not computers. They have feelings. They make mistakes. Please consider them human beings and treat them as such. There will still likely be some favoritism, but again, we are human, perfection is not to be expected.

    And remember, our policies did not change, just how we are going to enforce them changed.

    Thank you
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