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    I'm not sure if this is the right place to say this, but I want to try and give something useful to a community that has nurtured many of my characters =)

    I'm not sure how many others out there have corresponding situations, but I have several caster characters that have pretty high research. I two box with my boyfriend, who also two boxes, I with my enchanter and cleric, he with his shadowknight and rogue. Therefore, I keep all the loot, including research components.

    Well, I found it a pain to try and figure out what spells I could make, so I created a spreadsheet that tells me. You keep an inventory tally (not so much a tally as just a rollcall. Didn't care to add the AMOUNT of spells you can make, though that would be a pretty simple addition. Hrm, maybe I'll do that.) in one sheet, and another tells you which spells you can make (indicated with a YES). I'm not sure if this would be useful for others, but if it is, I'd be happy to hand a blank spreadsheet to Our DenMother to make available to our fellow artisans. I couldn't find a section on the site that is devoted to this, hence I'm posting here.

    Thank you for everything!
    Xorithra L`Amante
    64 Cleric of the Nameless
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    We do not have a specific spot...

    but you can post in the Spell Research Forum to see what the interest is There is even a file upload function of the forums.
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      Speaking as the moderator of that forum, and as a Researcher myself...

      WHERE IS IT?

      /taps foot impatiently

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        read this earlier tonight and considered it a boot to the behind on finishing the spreadsheet (added the amount field so people know how many spells with their resource). im a bit of a procrastinator.

        need to add a little instruction sheet just in case. too late tonight, long day tomorrow. will post it under research and put the link of the post here tomorrow.

        sorry for the wait, thanks for the patience! for some reason, i didnt actually think people would care

        RNG isn't prejudice. It hates all of us equally~


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          As Promised...

          Here it is!

          Xorithra L`Amante
          RNG isn't prejudice. It hates all of us equally~