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    I'm pretty sure this change occurred at the September 2017 Patch - The graphic for emerald orange has changed, from a bunch of grapes type graphic to an orange with a half an orange in front. Even better than this, it is now vendor sold, by Brewmaster Berina at the small bank. I checked the other Brewing Vendors in pok, but I could not see any one else selling it. You can tell it's vendor sold, as there is no figure shown in the quantity column of the vendor, donating that there is an infinite supply. That said I still bough 991 of them , just in case it was an accident!

    The item is not a new, separate item to the foraged Emerald Orange, as I had some in my bank that I had foraged, and the graphic was also changed, and stacked with new ones I bought.

    I've just been to EJ and tried foraging. The item can still be foraged, with the new graphic!

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    I can't update the graphic - that's a "newer" graphic that is outside of the existing images that have been uploaded to the site (I've been trying to work with Ngreth on the "how" to upload more of the newer graphics, but I'm not having much success on my side. I'm just not that savvy with some of the internet stuff.

    Added Berina as a source.

    Removed Berina as a source - it's no longer there.
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