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  • Binding Powder



    * a Tae Ew convert
    * a Thul Tae Ew bloodcaller
    * a Thul Tae Ew justicar
    * an unmasked changeling


    * a Di`Zok Cryptmaster

    Crypt of Nadox

    * a Broken Skull adherent

    Grieg's End

    * a dark practicioner
    * a darkened occultist
    * a deadly dreamweaver
    * a mangled clairvoyant
    * a soldier of madness

    Old Sebilis

    * froglok ilis shaman
    * froglok ilis wizard
    * froglok krup enchanter
    * froglok krup shaman
    * froglok krup wizard
    * Imperial Crypt Guardian

    Plane of Hate

    * a hatebone drake
    * a loathling lich
    * an ashenbone broodmaster

    Plane of Mischief

    * a clever sphinx
    * a gorilla scholar

    Siren's Grotto

    * a siren beguiler
    * a siren templar

    Ssraeshza Temple

    * a Plagued Soriz
    * A Shissar Arcanist
    * A Shissar Arch Arcanist
    * A Shissar Arch Warlock
    * a Shissar Disciple
    * A Shissar Lich
    * A Shissar Spirit Destroyer
    * A Shissar Templar
    * Arch Tormentor Zhesz

    Temple of Droga

    * a goblin bone caster

    The Deep

    * a thought horror spiriter

    The Maiden's Eye

    * Xin Thall Centien

    The Overthere

    * Modani Qu`Loni


    * a Malgrin acolyte
    * a sporali gatherer
    * a sporali harvester

    Velketor's Labyrinth

    * Khelkar Icepaw

    Western Wastes

    * Vohnkare
    Grand Master Artisan aka nolife

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    For a more exhaustive list of who drops Binding Powder, see (lists 348 mobs that drop it)
    -- Mewkus: 2100 dings on the server formerly known as Solusek Ro
    try: Inventory/Flags/Spells tracker program - (sample output)


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      Added the sources reported by Antetrust. The magelo source is also available for folks
      Aanuvane Bristlecone - Druid - Povar via Quellious via Rodcet Nife
      AKA Muertenie, Melodee, Orelinde, Nounie, Gnomess, Cininea Ashryn, Mairede or a host of additional alts. Maybe also be found on Rabon, Kynsh or Atracker.