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    Most of the info you have is for the era where the Trolls were in Neriak. I am a volunteer admin over at Zam, and I have updated their quests (final tasks may actually be broken). I will provide shopping lists for the 4 newbie quests you can use to update that section of your pages, but the rest is incorrect and would have to come from ZAM.

    As am example, this is the new shopping list for Dark Basher Armor:

    Dark Basher Shopping List:

    small brick of ore: XIII
    snake fang: V
    spiderling legs: 1
    small mosquito wing: 11
    zombie skin: V
    turquoise: 11
    lightstone: 1
    pristine giant scarab carapace: 11
    desert tarantula chitin: 11
    deathfist slashed belt: 1
    large snake skin: 1
    giant snake fang: 1
    giant snake rattle: 1
    fungus clump: 1

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    Please include a link to the page(s) so Aanuvane can easily access it for editing so there's no confusion.


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      It's the Grobb Troll ones on this page. Looks like 2 of them are created (but incorrect) and the other two need to be created.

      Also here is the new shopping list for SpiritCharmers (Troll Shaman)

      Spiritcharmer Shopping List:

      Ball of Pulpy Fungus: I
      Kobold Talon: II
      Undead Froglok's Talisman: I
      Crab Spider Carapace: II
      Bleeder's Poison Sac: II
      Airboune Spores: IIII
      Water Mocassin Tail: I
      Mosquito Eye: II
      Chunk of Digested Earth: I
      Pristine Bleeder Skin: II
      Crab Spiderling Fang: I
      Spore Mushroom: I
      Bull Alligator Tooth: II
      Larval Carapace: I
      Pristine Kobold Paw: I
      Mosquito Meat: II
      Large Fungal Spre: I
      Giant Snake Fang: I
      Burly Kobold Ear: II
      Mocassin Poison Sac: I
      Bull Alligator Spine: II


      Giant Snake Rattle: II
      Snake Scales: I
      Alligator Tooth: I


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        Looks like the above is what you need. plus da bashers:

        Da Basher Shopping List:

        Bleeder Wing I
        Kobold Talisman I
        Moccasin Eggs I
        Moccasin Scales I
        Chunk of Digested Earth II
        Kobold Scalp I
        Undead Froglok's Talisman I
        Crab Spider's Carapace II
        Malleable Bleeder Skin II
        Spiderling Silk IIII
        Burly Kobold Ear I
        Moccasin Poison I
        Pristine Bull Alligator Hide I
        Pristine Moccasin Scales I
        Blackened Fungus I
        Bleeder Carapace II
        Bleeder's Poison Sac I
        Giant Moccasin Eye I
        Kobold Liver II
        Larval Carapace I
        Alligator Hide I
        Ball of Pulpy Fungus I
        Cracked Skeleton Skull I
        Giant Moccasin Fang I

        Final Task: (Not fixed on live from Neriak era)
        Halfling Ribcage [statless] I
        Halfling Toe I
        Matted Halfling Hide I
        Vial of Halfling Blood I


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          Anything else I can do to get these up on your site?


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            Sorry - I'm busy trying to level a few alts these days. I'll add pages for this once I have two more alts to 109. They are close, shouldn't be but another couple weeks (I do have a FT job, two teenagers, two dogs and a husband that also compete for time )

            These quests are available on Alla's without a paid sub if anyone is anxious in the near term.

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