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Tradeskill Combines for "All Hail the King"

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  • Tradeskill Combines for "All Hail the King"

    Because some people that have already figured it out seem to be tight lipped, and I have managed to fiddle around and find a few of the combines, once I have the farmed components, ill post what the other combines are. Unsure as to the trivials as they aren't learned when combined.

    *******m Bread
    Bread Tin
    Phoenix Dough x4
    Unebbing Ember x2

    Jagged Emblem Platinum Amulet
    Emblem of Storms
    Lightning Essence x2
    Platinum Bar

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    um, not sure why that asterixed it out its ever warm one word


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      Is the *******m Bread Baking in an oven? How about what message you got when you made it - "You can long longer increase your skill" or just a success?

      and same questions for amulet, I'm assuming Jewelcraft?

      Items and recipes entered.
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        Just made another bread. No message about not advancing skill at 350. Also correct, baking for the one, and JC for the other


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          Oh and the Unebbing Ember drops from Pyre Armors in esianti. Golden Beryl for the drunder's steel combine drop from crag armors in esianti. Lightning Essence drops from the Brume armors. Though unsure if any of them can do it, or just ones in the center or what. Pure Drop for the Arachnid silk string combine drop from swell armors. Lastly iirc the Captured Breeze for the Odylic Vial combine drop from the Breeze armors.


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            Golden Hilted Dagger
            Dagger Blade Mold
            Drunder's Steel
            Golden Beryl x2
            Hilt Mold

            Not learned. No message about not being able to increase your skill with it. Failed 3 times before succeeding. You get the Drunder's Steel back on failure. (that's with 350 skill base, with trophy running for 395 modded)


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              TS items for this quest are not labeled as TS.
              85th Entrancer, Luclin

              200 Fishing
              300 Research
              300 Fletching
              300 Baking
              300 Tailoring ~ Darkelf
              300 Master Brewer
              300 Master Pottery
              300 Master Smith ~ Darkelf
              300 Master Jeweler
              All Trophys at 15% maxed