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  • *How This Forum Works!!*

    This forum is for the sole purpose of communicating to us any new info, updates, or corrections to our EQ Traders Database. (Because we are all about tradeskills, we only want info on items, recipes, quests and the like that pertain to tradeskills.) We deeply appreciate the time and effort of everyone who posts such information here for us. However, there are a few rules that we ask you to follow to make this process infinitely easier for us. Failing to follow these rules could result in significant delays in getting your information applied and might even result in us chucking it altogether as creating more questions than it's worth.
    1. Stick to reporting the data
    2. Do not make blanket statements
    3. Check for missing ingredient information
    4. Do not bump or repost
    5. Give complete information
    6. FAQ: Why can't I edit my posts in this forum?
    7. Some info we don't need
    1. If you have questions about the database, the message boards, or tradeskills themselves, please put them all in the other forums. There are places specifically intended for all of those things on these boards. Posting them in here just makes it harder for us to find and apply the data. Questions and other chatter will more than likely be deleted.

    2. Do not make any blanket statements. Firstly, saying "all of the blue diamond cultural armors trivial at 335" may seem like a safe statement, but is worse than useless to us. While there are clear patterns running throughout tradeskills, there are often exceptions and mistakes that break the pattern. Those exceptions and mistakes can potentially result in people wasting a great deal of time and/or money in following incorrect information. So please stick to facts that you have personally confirmed (or that comes from a very reliable source, like EQItems). Secondly, even if you have personally confirmed a certain fact for a range of items, we still need you to name all of those items individually. That saves us from having to search to find them all and ensures that you really did get them all when you were confirming them for yourself.

    3. When you are posting new recipe information, please also check to see if we have accurate item information for the ingredients in the recipe. This is a small bit of extra work that has a big effect on the usefulness of the database. Remember that if you refer to the recipe book tradeskill UI, you can look up items and basic recipe information without having anything else on hand.

    4. If your post is still in this forum, it WILL be updated when we are able. Once we have processed it, it will be moved to the Database Updates Completed forum. Some information may seem straightforward but require a great deal of extra work on our part. In those cases it may need to sit a while until we are able to give it the attention it deserves. The maintenance of this free-to-the-public site is entirely a volunteer effort. Pestering, prodding, whining, and otherwise pointing out our shortcomings does not exactly motivate us. If necessary I will suspend people for bumping or reposting information. It's that irritating. So don't do it.

    5. Please take the time to make sure you are giving us all of the relevant information. For example, when posting the detail about a new item, please include whether it is stackable. Don't leave off the race and class information just because they're all/all. We do not and will not assume those things. When posting detail about a new recipe, be sure to note the tradeskill used to make the combine, the container it was combined in (and any others you know it to work in), the yield, what was returned on any failures you made, and what was returned on success in addition to the end product (like smithy hammers, spoons, bottles, sewing needles, and such).

    6. Editing of your own posts is disabled in this forum. That is because people rarely note what they have changed when they edit a post. If we happened to be updating the info from that post in the database at the time it was edited, and then come back and see that it's been edited but no note of what changed, it is a wee bit aggravating. When the post contains thirty items full of stats, along with thirty recipes and trivials, it is enough to make one weep. So no editing for joo, but only here, Help Wanted, and the temporary data entry forum that appears after a new expansion. You can edit your own posts just fine in the discussion forums.

    7. We do not currently need: vendors for spells that are researchable. They just aren't worth the time we'd spend on them, particularly when that information is readily available elsewhere.
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